Black Belt Academy
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Congratulations to our students who competed at the 2014 Midwest District Championships in Kansas City:

  • Mr. Page -- 2nd Weapons, 3rd Sparring, 1st Creative Weapons
  • Ms. Kris -- 1st Forms, 1st Weapons, 1st Sparring, 1st Combat Weapons
  • Laura Bowman -- 2nd Forms, 2nd Weapons, 2nd Sparring, 1st Creative Forms
  • Bridget Fields -- 2nd Forms, 2nd Weapons, 2nd Sparring, 2nd Creative Weapons
  • Russ Fields -- 2nd Weapons, 3rd Sparring, 2nd Combat Weapons
  • Willow Luke -- 4th Forms, 4th Weapons, 4th Sparring
  • Kaitlin Morgeson -- 2nd Forms, 1st Weapons, 2nd Sparring

Tournament picture will be Thursday, June 12th at 5:15 p.m. Please remember your dobak and medals!