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Mr. Russ

Have you received your Spring 2014 copy of ATA World Magazine? Did you read about Mr. Russ?! From page 32:

"For Fields, a Class C competitor with the U.S. Practical Shooting Association, the mind-body link is everything.

"If a shooter is a fraction of an inch off, especially a shooter who is moving and firing as much as Fields does in competition, it can have a tremendous impact on a score. The slightest flinch, just a minuscule, momentary letdown, means no bullseye.

"'The first thing I would think is repetition,' said Fields, 41, a former U.S. Air Force small arms expert who does his Taekwondo training at ATA Black Belt Academy of Poplar Bluff. 'To do well in either sport you've got to have repetition.'"