Black Belt Academy
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Why We Do It

Life Skills
There are obvious and anticipated benefits of martial arts training -- improved health and conditioning, strength and balance, as well as learning new ways to defend yourself and just having fun. But the discipline, confidence and ability to focus developed while training will manifest themselves in your daily life in ways that might surprise you.
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It's fun to see hard work pay off. As they work through the path of Songahm Taekowndo from White Belt to Black Belt, you can see not only improved fitness and technique, but also watch the focus and confidence building at every step.
There's more to tournament competition than bringing home hardware that may eventually become dust collectors. The tournament experience is so unique, there is no way we can duplicate it at the academy in class. The fact that only about 10% of ATA members compete in tournaments should tell you something -- it's a big deal and those who attempt it are well-rewarded and have a lot to be proud of.