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Tournaments are not only a great way to grow personally, they also give you an opportunity to see how you measure up against students from other schools. Our students don't take a backseat to anyone, and this is one of the ways they start to realize that.

With few exceptions, the tournaments listed here are those within a three to four hour drive of Poplar Bluff. If you're wanting to go further, you can find the complete listing of ATA Tournaments at ATA Online.

2017 World Expo

H. U. Lee Gate and Garden

The ATA 2017 World Expo is scheduled for June 19th - 25th at the State House Convention Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. This week-long event includes seminars, award presentations, facilitator programs, as well as marking the end of the 2016-2017 tournament year with the Tournament of Champions.

The largest martial arts competition in the world, it also marks the beginning of the 2017-2018 tournament year with competition for all ages and belt ranks the weekend of June 24th-25th.