Black Belt Academy
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Though the details, drills and class plans will be different each day, every class option has a specific focus, such as basics, stripe material or Black Belt training.

Black Belt Club

Black Belt Club on Monday through Thursday at 4:15 p.m. is for all of our students, age five and up, and all belt levels. The focus of this class is what you need to learn to become a Black Belt. This class centers around basic techniques and drills, and working on belt-rank specific requirements, such as self-defense, forms, and one-steps for lower ranks or board breaking for higher ranks.

Cardio and Adult Taekwondo

Classes Monday through Thursday at 7:15 p.m. are limited to students age 13 and up. We start with a 45-minute cardio session, with the remainder of the class focused around your specific belt material.

Forms Class

On Saturdays at 11:00 a.m. it's all about forms. Open to students of all ages and belt-ranks, this one-hour class focuses on forms and only forms -- technique, timing, stances, chambers . . . well, forms. :-)

Leadership Program

The Leadership Program focuses on developing skills related to class, tournament and testing participation and management. All ages and belt ranks are eligible for this class, however, effective January 1st 2016, all students participating in this program must be registered in the ATA's Leadership Program as a Leadership Student.

Legacy Program

Participation in the Legacy Program requires permission from Mr. Page. We're looking for high-energy students with Black Belt attitude. The program focuses on advanced skills, but is not limited to Black Belts. Lower rank students with the right attitude will be accepted into this program. Effective January 1st 2016, all participants must be registered with the ATA as a Legacy Program student.

Open Class

Open Class is just that -- open! Students of all ages and belt-ranks are welcome to come in and work on their material. Instructors and higher ranks are available to assist you.