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It's Sunday!

"In victory, be humble. In defeat, be strong. In all things be fair." ~ Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee

Austin Moody

The BBA, and the entire ATA community, is in shock at the death of this fine young man. He was a joy to have in class, and we have missed him, and thought of him, very much since he moved to Arkansas. You have probably seen his 2008 World's trophy on our shelf as he wanted Mr. Page to have it.

As a nine-year old Black Belt, he was talented, kind, courteous and mature beyond his years. He obtained his 3rd Degree Black Belt in Arkansas. He was a great example of Black Belt Attitude when he was with us, and the outpouring of love and grief in his home town proves that he continued to build on that for the rest of his short life.

Please keep his friends and family in your prayers.